Achieve the look you’ve always wanted for your property with professional trimming from Arbor Age Tree Services. Our family owned and operated company has established a referral base from satisfied customers with highly competitive prices. Contact us today for further info. Arbor Age is committed to providing the highest quality service in a safe and effective manner. Our Tree Specialists are trained and licensed to handle any situation even emergencies.

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Tree Removal

Some trees that are planted near your home may become intrusive to your foundation, pavement, sewer lines, etc. We determing the right course of action to determine if removal is the right choice for your property.

Workers in a tree trimming and removing branches on a project

Tree Trimming

We only trim your tree the way it should be. Don't be mistaken, you could very easily trim a tree wrong which can have devastating consequences to the growth of the limbs and trunk. We do it right the first time!

More often than not, many homeowners and businesses rely on cheap tree cutting services that employ individuals who are not certified to actually cut the tree. All our workers are certified so that your tree is trimmed in the correct manner. Quality counts!

Tree Trimming Project Before Picture
Tree Trimming Project After Picture

Stump Grinding

Unlike trees, which can pose a hazard to structures or become fire hazards, tree stumps can appear relatively innocuous. However, there are a number of important reasons to remove tree stumps. Stumps that are low to the ground can get hidden by shrubs or grass, but that only makes them more of a risk for children and adults walking through the area. Unsightly tree stumps can also significantly reduce a property's curb appeal, which can be problematic if the owners want to eventually sell the home. Additionally, stumps attract insects, and they can be a place for new trees to grow, restarting the process once again. Finally, mowing and trimming around a tree stump can be difficult and takes up valuable time.

Worker grinding and removing stumps on a project


We also provide extensive landscaping services for both residential and commercial customers. Specializing in everything from custom designs to weekly/monthly service, we can provide a one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs.

Worker grinding and removing stumps on a project